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 Editing Services

Reading and writing poetry is certainly a passion, but while receiving my MFA in Poetry from Queen’s University of Charlotte, I discovered how much I loved helping others with their poetry projects. I see editing work as a partnership involving great trust, and I would be honored to assist you in bringing your work of art into the world.




Every project is unique, especially with poetry. The first step in our journey together involves communicating about your project and your desires. Do you have a single poem that needs a quick proofreading? A chapbook that needs organizing? An entire manuscript that could use a thorough editing?


Content editing: Includes a thorough proofreading, line edits when necessary, thoughtful suggestions on flow and order of poems, and a detailed critique of the project overall. Email correspondence included. Please email me with the details of your project.


Proofreading: Need a second set of ideas on your project? Includes a thorough read-through and my editorial comments regarding the project as a whole.





For a detailed pricing sheet, please send me an email describing your project and needs.



*Prices are subject to change based on the type of project, number of words, and number of lines. For example, a collection of long prose poems may have an additional charge due to the amount of time it takes me to edit them. A collection of short poems may cost less. If requested, I will send you a pricing agreement before we start working together.


*As a disabled poet, I offer a discounted rate for other disabled poets who are experiencing financial hardship.

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